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Program "Auto-Furniture"

Auto-Furniture software is provided for work with database of parameter-oriented furniture models for AutoCAD of version 2000i and more. This program simplifies and accelerated furniture design.

You choose model which is the closest to designed furniture and set its dimensions. All changes are immediately shown in preview window. After pressing the button "Paste", selected item with dimensions you have set is inserted to AutoCAD to the place you have indicated. There is a preview option from different views (top, right, front) for convenient work with the program. Beside dimensions, there are also different parameters: types of foresides, types of drawers, types of cabinets in tables; number of drawers, shelves, doors. There are also additional settings in the program for such items as kitchens and sliding wardrobes.

At this picture you can see main window of the furniture design software Auto-Furniture.

All created details of an item are solid. It means that you can further edit the item as you wish. Such furniture design software as Mini-Furniture and Details work with such item.

If you design furniture in AutoCAD, think about the time you will save with such program! And how much does your time cost? Now compare it with the cost of program!!

Database is regularly updated with new models, new settings and options. We hope that you will also be willing to participate in that. If you want to offer your item to be added to the database, please send us zip-archived dwg file with this item using the following form:

your e-mail:(if you want to receive answer)
send file (max 400kb):

Demo version of Auto-Furniture software program contains the following limitations:
1.You cannot change length and width of an item
2.You cannot change thickness of chipboard (details are inserted to AutoCAD with random thickness)

You can download demo version of furniture design software Auto-Furniture here.