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Program "Mini-Furniture"

Mini-Furniture software program is provided for automation of characterization of flat details from AutoCAD and for transmission of this specification to cutting software (2D-Place, Cutting, Kuznetsov Cutting, Astra Cutting) and MS Excel. View demo film Works with AutoCAD 2000i and more.

This software program requires preliminary design of 3-D model of an item (furniture), which consists of solid elements. (All furniture makers usually use solid elements to design furniture in AutoCAD). Furniture model looks approximately as shown on the picture.

At this picture you can see sample furniture model designed by AutoCAD

When furniture model is ready, you can run "Mini-Furniture".

At this picture you can see details list, maked by furniture design program Mini-Furniture

To get the list of details create order (if it is a new order), add a new item to the order. Then choose “IMPORT FROM AUTOCAD” in menu “DATA”. After that the list of details furniture consists of will be displayed in the main program window.

During arrangement of the list you can (optional) mark which ends of detail are covered with band, and what band is used, flat detail is made of. You can either choose direction of detail texture or you can choose automatic direction of texture. In automatic setting of texture:
-direction “upwards-downwards” is set for vertical details;
-direction “to the left-to the right” is set for horizontal details;

In settings of Mini-Furniture you can set filter which will remove the following details from the list:
-small details (e.g., handles and other different accessories);
-details of certain thickness (e.g., 28 mm for kitchenboard or 4 and 5 mm for glass).
-details with thickness less than X and more than Y.

Parameters of filter can be set in program settings.

At this picture you can see settings of furniture design software Mini-Furniture

List of details received through Mini-Furniture can be edited. You can also look through statistics of sheet material and band by orders or by items. Not to get mixed up in numbers of details Mini-Furniture allows simultaneous red highlighting of individual position in AutoCAD.

Mini-Furniture software program has special commands DRAWING WIZARD and PUT THE LIST TO THE DRAWING in menu DATA to form the drawing of an item (furniture) with numbers of details and with the list of details inserted. After running these commands we receive the drawing of furniture of approximately the following type:

At this picture you can see unit drawing, maked by furniture design program Mini-Furniture

You can download demo version of software program here.