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Program "Details"

"Details" program allows using furniture model previously designed in AutoCAD of the following type:

At this picture you can see model, to process by furniture design program Details.

To design drawings of details of the following type:

At this picture you can see details drawing maked by our furniture software.

"Details" works together with AutoCAD (version 2000i and more). Therefore you can edit existing dimensions and put new ones (required for your particular production) using AutoCAD tools (e.g., arch dimensions). All dimensions are created in the layer set as current layer in AutoCAD. Therefore if necessary you can create an individual layer for dimensions.

"Details" are compatible with Mini-Furniture program. I.e., if details have been given certain order numbers and bands in Mini-Furniture, they will be displayed on the drawing. (Bands are marked with line along the shape of detail).

"Details" have the following settings:

At this picture you can see settings of furniture design program Details.

So you can set filter rules, mark detail number, quantity and bands by Mini-Furniture software.

Demo version has the following limitation: it works only with first 12 details chosen in random order.

You can download demo version of software program here.